Glutathione Injeksi

Glutathione Injeksi

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Glutathione Injection (I.V)


Gluathione IV injection taken along with Vitamin C is the most effective and the best skin whitening procedure. You get a much younger looking fairer skin with an amazing glow. Glutathione actually reduces melanin stimulation and pigmentation of the skin leading to white skin tone or color. Effects of skin whitening depend on how much pigmentation is there on the skin. You can see visible changes in the skin tone after the third or fourth session of IV Glutathione injection.

What is Glutathione Injection?

Glutathione IV is an anti-oxidant naturally present in our body at the time we are born. However, as we grow older the supply of Glutathione reduces as it is used up by our body in cell metabolism. The usage of Glutathione IV injection rejuvenates these cells in our body. This leads to a noticeably fairer complexion, firm and youthful sin. It also aids liver cells to regenerate from damages that are caused by prolonged alcohol abuse or intake of fatty food.

Glutathione IV injection or orally?

If you are taking Glutathione injections, you can use the ones of the drug company Roche of Switzerand. Glutathione IV injections are better and more effective compared to taking it orally. If you take Glutathione orally, the drug is broken down by stomach acids and just 20 percent of the active part of the drug is absorbed by the body. Compared to oral intake, Glutathione Injections take though injections tend to be far more effective as 100 percent of it is absorbed automatically.
Glutathione needs Vitamin C for better and more long-lasting action. When taken along with Vitamin C, Glutathione can make the skin considerable fairer, firmer and much younger looking